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Welcome to AudioLogic!


Better Hearing and Listening for Everyone!

Effective hearing and spoken communication depend on the ability to hear, process and understand both simple and complex sounds, especially speech. At AudioLogic, we provide comprehensive hearing,  auditory processing (CAP) and tinnitus/decreased sound tolerance assessments that help us to learn more about  your hearing and listening skills. Based on these results, together we can plan management strategies that help you to to improve hearing, listening and understanding in your daily life.

Whether it is a set of hearing aids, remote mic hearing assistance technology, auditory training or sound therapy, improvements can be made in how well you are able to hear and communicate.

At Any Age!

It's never too late to improve your ability to listen and understand! 

Research has shown that significant improvements can be made

 to how the brain processes sound throughout your lifetime. 

Ask us how to help you or your child make more efficient use of listening skills.

​​​Building Strong Connections for the People that Matter Most!

Building stronger connections along the auditory pathways to the brain can help you  to manage the challenging listening situations you encounter everyday more easily. Listening Therapy (Auditory Training) is an effective tool that can lead to improved performance at school or work and better communication with your family and friends!

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