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Symptoms of Hearing Loss

You may have a hearing loss if you or your family members notice a few or several of these symptoms.

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Consult a Medical Doctor for These  Symptoms:

-Sudden Hearing Loss (Emergency! Seek immediate help!)

-Dizziness, Vertigo or Light-headedness

-Loss of hearing in one ear only

-Drainage or discharge from ears

-Frequent Headaches with hearing loss

-Feeling of fullness in the ear

-Ringing, roaring, or hissing sounds in the ears

-Often misunderstanding what people say and responding   inappropriately​

-Often having to ask people to repeat themselves

-Frequent complaints by others that the TV is too loud

-Complaints of speaking too loudly or sounding  angry

-Watching people's mouths a conversation (I can't hear you

 without my glasses)

-Finding it harder to hear high-pitched sounds such as women's and children's voices

-Trouble understanding phone conversations

-Difficulty hearing above background noise

-Trouble following a conversation especially when more than one person is speaking

-Avoiding social activities, often choosing to be alone

-Perception that people are mumbling or not speaking clearly

​​Hearing is a Social Sense

A video presented by the Canadian Academy of Audiology (CAA) 

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