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Aud​ioLogic Services

We offer hearing, auditory processing  and tinnitus/DST services for children and adults. 

Our fees are not covered by OHIP, but may be reimbursed by private insurance plans.

 Please check with your insurance provider.

Hearing Assessments 

We perform hearing assessments for children aged 4 years-old and up as well as adults using age- appropriate test methods. We evaluate outer, middle and inner ear function using evidence-based techniques and protocols. Based on these results, we can help you determine next steps to address your communication needs. 

Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) Tests

Neurological ABRs and ABR-based Audiological Assessments (ABRA) for children and adults offer an objective way of evaluating the auditory neural pathways to the brainstem.  By looking at the brain's response to sound, we can learn more about hearing and auditory processing function. 

Auditory Processing (CAP) Assessments   

This comprehensive assessment provides an extensive evaluation of auditory processing skills. The results enable us to identify areas of weakness and create a plan for management and treatment of delays or deficits. A detailed report and recommended management strategies for home and school are included to inform you of the outcome and provide a plan to initiate intervention.  Depending on the child's developmental level, auditory processing tests can be performed for children aged 4 years and older. 

Auditory Training (Listening Therapy)

Auditory Training for children and adults is available. We offer several different types of auditory training programs. The treatment plan we recommend is deficit specific, based on the results of the auditory processing assessment. Our goal is to improve listening and understanding by taking advantage of the brain's ability to change and adapt (neuroplasticity). Auditory Training can make a difference for hearing aid users as well as those with auditory processing deficits.


If you have questions, or need to discuss the results of assessments performed here at AudioLogic, a consultation can be arranged. We can also meet with other professionals to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to managing auditory processing deficits and other hearing problems. 

Call us at 226-344-1113 or click below to request an appointment

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