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Frequently Asked Questions-APD Assessment

What is an Auditory Processing Assessment?

An auditory processing assessment uses a variety of tests designed to "stress" the auditory system. These tests assess specific areas of auditory behavior and function. The evaluation is customized for each child based on the results of the AP screening. The test results are compared to norms for same-aged peers, as the neural auditory pathways continue to mature through about 12 years of age. Test results may indicate that performance is within or outside expected performance for their age. Based on these results, recommendations for treatment  and management can be offered to parents and educators.

Who Conducts the Assessment?

The audiologist is the only professional who can  diagnose an auditory processing disorder (APD) based on the results of the assessment. Audiologists hold either a master’s or doctoral degree, and have been trained to evaluate hearing, balance, and other related disorders. An audiologist is to the ears what an optometrist is to the eyes. 


How old does my child need to be to have an APD assessment?

An APD assessment can be performed for children as young as 4 years of age who do not have significant cognitive or developmental delays. The testing may requires the child respond by pointing to pictures or verbally for older chldren, therefore the child’s speech must be intelligible to an unfamiliar listener. The child must also be able to remember and repeat strings of numbers and simple sentences. Children who have not learned or spoken English until after 5 years of age are not considered candidates for APD assessments.

Does an APD assessment test my child's comprehension/understanding of language? 

An auditory processing disorder is different from a language comprehension disorder. An APD assessment will tell us how the brain is able to access information presented through the auditory system, but does not test understanding of  language. A speech- language pathologist would be an appropriate professional to address this area.

How do I make an appointment?

All children must complete an Auditory Processing (aka CAP) screening before undergoing a comprehensive Auditory Processing Disorder Assessment. This may be completed here or at another audiology facility. You may then request an appointment and intake forms by clicking the button below or by calling 226-344-1113. When the information is returned with any other available information (i.e. the teacher’s completed questionnaire, copies of the child’s psychological-educational evaluation, speech-language evaluation and current IEP), it is reviewed by an audiologist. If the audiologist requires further information​, you will be contacted. 

Why do I need to submit my child's psychological and other assessment results?

Many factors may have an impact on a child’s candidacy and ability to participate in an APD assessment, including attention, executive function, cognition, memory and language skills. This information is required to ensure your child receives appropriate testing and an accurate diagnosis.

What should I bring to the appointment?

Please bring a healthy snack (no sugary treats) and/or a drink (preferably water) for your child. In addition, please remember to submit any completed forms and reports that the audiologist has requested. 

How do I prepare my child for the appointment?

During the appointment, your child wears earphones, sits in a sound room and is instructed to tell the audiologist what they hear. You can assure your child that there are no right and wrong answers.Your child can expect to be completing tests in 20-30 minute blocks with breaks in between.


Please Note:

If your child is receiving medication used to improve attention, the child must take the medication on the day of the evaluation.

How long does the APD assessment take?

We allow two hours for the appointment. This includes administering selected auditory processing tests and time for the audiologist to verbally review the test results with the parents or guardian.  A follow-up appointment will be scheduled to review the report 2-3 weeks after the assessment. This appointment can be conducted by phone, vidoe conference or in person. 

How can I pay for the assessment?

Payment is due at the time of the test. AudioLogic will accept cash, debit or credit cards. Unfortunately, OHIP does not cover this testing, but please contact your insurance company to find out if your benefits will allow reimbursement of our fees.

Call us at 226-344-1113 or click below to request an appointment

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