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Summer is a Great Time for Auditory Training!

June 8, 2019

We're to help make sense of what you hear!

May is Speech and Hearing Month!

May 10, 2019

Every year, professional organizations dedicate the month of May to raising public awareness about communication health. It is our goal to highlight the importance of early detection and intervention in the treatment of communication disorders.  

The crucial role that audiologists and speech-language pathologists play in helping people to hear, speech and communicate cannot be over emphasized.

One in ten Canadians suffer from a communication disorder.  That means millions of people are missing and will continue to miss important conversations, memorable sounds and happy celebrations.

Personally, you may know at least one person with a hearing or speech problem that is affecting their lives in many ways.

...Making Sense of What You Hear!

April 4, 2019

April 4th is Auditory Processing Disorder Aw​areness Day! 

We thought it would be a great idea to launch our new website today to  recognize all those who are affected by this "Silent Disability."  We also want to emphasize the need for  expanded awareness of the impact that Auditory Processing Disorders has on the individual at home, school, work and within their social circle.

According to researchers, up to 5% of the population has APD.  In real-life terms, that means that in a school of 500 children, up to 25 students could be struggling with listening and understanding in the classroom curriculum due to auditory processing delays or deficits.

Early identification and intervention can mean opening a path to greater academic success  and better lives for those children as well as reducing the behavioural and emotional concerns that can often accompany APD. Let's not forget that although some children improve with maturation, many children who have Auditory Processing Delays grow up to be adults with Auditory Processing Deficits. As they navigate their environment, they continue to face challenges and may not be able realize their full potential.

It is our hope that our website  and this blog will help to provide information and insight for those with APD as well as for  those who want to help. We look forward to sharing news about research and new treatment methods that may serve to increase understanding and improve the lives of  people with APD who far too often struggle alone. 

We're to help make sense of what you hear!

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