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Treating Hearing Loss

At AudioLogic, we focus on personalized solutions to permanent hearing loss that fit your life style and needs. We take a holistic approach that includes: identifying the listening situations that are creating the greatest difficulties for you, selecting appropriate hearing aids that match your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget, making use of hearing assistance technology, and teaching you to make the most of your hearing through Aural Rehabilitation/Auditory Training. 

Amplification: Hearing Aids

Hearing Amplifiers

Hearing aids

Hearing Assistance Technology

Remote Mic Systems

Blue Tooth Devices

Remote Support

 Aural Rehabilitation

Aural Rehabilitation is the process of 

Listening Therapy takes advantage of the brain's ability to change how it processes and perceives incoming stimuli  over time . This is called neuroplasticity.

At AudioLogic,  Post-therapy assessments are included as they are crucial to tracking progress and offering appropriate next steps based on the outcome.

Support for the Family

People with APD can be helped by modifying the listening environment to reduce background noise and reverberation. The level of the target message (speaker) should be louder than the noise in the room. This is called the signal to noise ratio (SNR). This can be accomplished in several ways:

-eliminate competing noise where possible
-decrease the distance between the speaker and listener
-reduce or eliminate echoes and reverberations in the room by using carpets, curtains and wall hangings to dampen the noise.

-use of a soundfield or personal remote mic system.

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